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    [Updated on 03.01.2024]

    The goal of Tsumego Hero is to make solving Go problems more enjoyable.

    I’m interested in Go since 2005. My first effort to create a website for Go problems was during my study of Media Computer Science at the University Bremen, Germany in 2010. It was front-end oriented and focused on programming a Go board canvas for websites in Adobe Flash. There were many unanswered questions like how to implement the best back-end and how to communicate the user actions on the Go board to the server. I didn’t go deep into the topic for several years, but I always wanted to do this when I find some time and answers to the open questions.

    In 2017, I was a scholar of the Yunguseng Dojang by In-seong Hwang (yunguseng.com) and I helped creating files for the EYD practice room. The way Go files were stored, red and displayed on the website were my inspiration for the back-end. I programmed the SGF-reader for Tsumego Hero based on that concept.

    As the Adobe Flash Player was in 2017 already an outdated technology, I had to start from scratch with the digital Go board. As base, I took jGoBoard by Joonas Pihlajamaa. This looked so amazing, that it gave me inspiration for later designs.

    The development of the rating mode is a collaboration with Théo Barollet.

    We recently switched the technology of the board viewer from jGoBoard to BesoGo. The technology swich had big technical advantages as it came with many new functions and much more room for further extensions. All recent updates regarding the go problems were much easier or only possible in BesoGo.
    In 2023, the website took a big step forward in terms of quality, content and features. This was made possible by Michal Kovářík, who financially supports the website. He was also part of the development in many updates and he creates new problems. Michal Kovářík is known for being the director and lead developer of the game Factorio, which is a very popular construction and management simulation game.

    The first admin I involved in 2019 was Farkas, a high dan player from Hungary. Currently, we have a great crew of 12 admins. There is not really a reason to limit the number of admins so far. So if you would like to contribute to the website by adding problems or moderating, please contact me.

    Go problems are the core of the website. Here is a list of the people who created the problems for Tsumego Hero:
    Joschka Zimdars aka d4rkm4tter 6757 problems
    Xiang Zhang aka Sadaharu 1074 problems
    Ryan Smith 750 problems
    Michal Kovářík aka kovarex 734 problems
    Stepan Trubitsin aka Stepan 647 problems
    Kaan Malçok aka posetcay 598 problems
    Jerome Hubert aka jhubert 497 problems
    Innokentiy Zabirov aka Neri 361 problems
    Akos Balogh aka Farkas 333 problems
    Bradford Malbon 224 problems
    саша черных aka Silent Gentleman 218 problems
    David Ulbricht aka GoDave89 196 problems
    Omicron 120 problems
    Timo Kreuzer 114 problems
    David Mitchell aka Daviid 100 problems
    Andrey 58 problems
    Olaf Voß aka richyfourtytwo 46 problems
    Alexandre Dinerchtein 45 problems

    d4rkm4tter wrote 124 comments and 1814 replies.
    posetcay wrote 560 comments and 569 replies.
    caranthir wrote 231 comments and 516 replies.
    Sadaharu wrote 411 comments and 328 replies.
    Ivan Detkov wrote 236 comments and 324 replies.
    jhubert wrote 149 comments and 75 replies.
    kovarex wrote 114 comments and 64 replies.