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    Update 05.06.2023

    Design improvements

    The new menu takes away less space at the top. It also has more navigation options in a drowpdown. Other improvements involve spacing and colors on all pages.

    The Sandbox is now accessible for all premium users and users that reach level 60.

    Winners of the Time Mode in May '23

    Winners: darkgeass, posetcay, Fupfv, iryumika, bliviu

    The winners get a premium upgrade and the achievement Time Master. Achievements will be visible later this year.

    Update 22.05.2023

    New: Collection accuracy and time scoring

    • The collections store data about the time spent and about the solved/failed attempts for each problem. This is shown by an accuracy (0% all fails, 100% all solves) and an average time (in seconds). The data is available one year back.

    • Progress in a collection can be reset. This can be used 4 times per month (on the entire website).

    Example: Easy Capture

    The first places in Slow/Fast/Blitz (Time Mode) by the end of May 2023 each get a reward.

    New Collection: 5x5 Endgame Problems

    Go problems in the world of 5x5.

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    Info Pages

    There are new info pages about the functions on the website and in the three different modes. Website Functions

    Another info pages shows guidelines about go rules and what they mean on Tsumego Hero in regards of solving or failing a problem. Go Tutorial


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    Tsumego Hero is only in constant good shape, because there were users who helped creating the files for the problems. If you want to do some tsumego training and at the same time help the website by creating files, please message me. Help is much appreciated.

    All contributors are listed here: Authors


    We are looking for more admins who can confidently answer comments in the discuss area. Ideally, there is a small group of active or semi-active admins that is interested in discussion, uploading problems or creating new collections. Let me know if you would like to be on the productive side of Tsumego Hero. (me@joschkazimdars.com)

    Guide To Become Strong

     by Benjamin Teuber 6 Dan

    Many times I hear questions and requests like "How can I become strong?" or "My Go lacks this or that. Please teach me how to be better at it!". In general, I think many people overestimate the role of a Go-Teacher. Of course, it's very important to play and analyze with stronger players too, but still the teacher is not everything. Most of the learning consists of exploring Go for yourself, and not by having every single move explained. Actually, most part of my study in Japan did not consist of being taught by pros, but of studying by myself. One big point of being next to professionals was that they explained how to do this.

    For you, these lines mean that you don't have to go to Japan or find a 6-Dan teacher to become incredibly strong!!! Instead, if you are ambitious, you just have to know what to do by yourself. This is why I decided to write this small tutorial.

    How to become strong (in order of importance)

    1.Play, play, play - the stronger your opponent the better for you
    2. Do Tsumego in the right way continuously. Maybe this seems to be boring for you at first, but you'll see how much fun it is once you start. It's very important how to do so!
    3.Analyze your games with other players (as above, the stronger the better) - best would be to found a private study group (ten eyes will find more than two or four...)
    4.Do Tsumego
    5.If you like, repeat and learn some pro games
    6.More Tsumego
    7.If you have some interesting book about fuseki, joseki, shape, endgame or whatever, read it if you enjoy - but don't spend too much time with it
    8.If you still have time left, how about a few tsumego-problems?